Questions about the Jubilee Service Day?

Check out the FAQs below! If your question is still not answered, please email for assistance.



Q. What happens after I register as an individual or family? 

A. Your registration will be passed to the coordinator or team leader for the location you will serve at. That person will be in contact with you leading up to the service day. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 days of registering.

Q. What happens after I join a team? 

A. You will be added to that team's roster and you will receive a confirmation email within 5 days of registering.

Q. What happens after I submit the "New Team Registration" form?

A. Your application will be reviewed by the Service Day Coordinator and we will let you know within 5 days if your team has been approved. We will also let you know your site assignment 2-4 weeks prior to August 27. 

Q. Can groups register together?

A. Yes! We encourage you to create teams. To create your team, click here. To learn more about teams, click here.

Q. What do I do if I need to alter or cancel my registration? 

A. Email for assistance.

Q. Can you provide step-by-step guidance on how to register? 

A. Absolutely! You can follow the directions here.

Q. Is there a paper copy of the registration form? 

A. No, this is the first year we will not have a hard copy of the registration form. To help streamline our sign up process, we have moved towards an electronic registration system. 



Q. Can I serve with my child? 

A. Yes, families are encouraged to serve together. Parents are asked to determine if a child is mature enough to serve.  If so, they can be registered with the parent.

Q. Is child care provided? 

A. Child care for children not able to volunteer and serve with their parents is not provided.

Q. Can children serve alone?

A. Teenagers may serve alone. Children 12 and under must serve with their parent or an adult.



Q. Is there work for seniors or people with limited mobility? 

A. Yes! In the school classrooms there are plenty of tasks which can be done while sitting down and/or are of lighter duty.  This is a wonderful opportunity to serve.



Q. Is it mandatory for me or my team to fundraise?

A. No, you can still participate in the day without fundraising! The goal of this day is to serve and support teachers and homeowners in need, build solidarity, and come together as one community.



Q. Are their tools or materials I can provide? 

A. Maybe. Your site’s coordinator/leader will be in touch and let you know if such things are needed.



Q. Is there certain attire I need to wear for Jubilee Service Day?

A. All volunteers will be supplied with a FREE Jubilee Service Day t-shirt! We encourage all leaders and participants to wear the t-shirt on August 27. You can also wear comfortable pants or shorts that you won't mind getting dirty in! Closed-toed shoes are also recommended if you are working outdoors or with heavy tools. 



Q. What locations are the homes which will be served this year?

A. Participating homes will be selected in mid-July and could be anywhere in Bellevue.

Q. How are homeowners selected to receive assistance on Jubilee Service Day?

A. Homeowners apply through a mailer sent by the city of Bellevue. Experienced volunteers begin an process of evaluation to determine a homeowners level of need.  We meet homeowners and get to know their story. Homes are then sorted based on the level of need, and we serve as many as possible. The aim is to help people who cannot otherwise do the work themselves, physically or financially.

Q. What schools are participating to receive volunteers?  

A. Click here for a map of all participating schools.