Looking for a way to make an impact?

Our team works tirelessly to connect those in need around Bellevue with services that make a direct and lasting impact. But we need your help. Find out how you can become part of our mission to grow community below. 

Site Coach Job Description

Jubilee REACH is a non-profit organization, serving in partnership with the Bellevue School District to build community in and around schools to serve the deeper, social emotional needs of children and their families.

Mission: “Transform lives and community, one student at a time.”  Jubilee REACH is dedicate to working with children and families, through their schools and local communities, to help them reach their full potential by loving, listening and learning to address the root causes of poverty and inequity.  
Method: We love, listen, and learn, build relationships and earn trust so that we may learn the real needs.  We then build a collaborative community of care, connecting local schools, businesses, services, organizations, government, and the church to step in the gap to provide a hand up, not a hand out, to inspire interdependent, sustainable and productive life paths.  

Position Summary: The candidate will possess a social, emotional and spiritual maturity that allows them the ability and capacity to build healthy, positive and productive relationships with all students of diverse cultures, faiths and ethnicity, as well as their parents, staff, administration and volunteers. The candidate will model values of trustworthiness and integrity of character, with the ability to “go to” and manage conflict well. They must have the ability to work openly in truth, transparently, and responsibly as one, in unity with their peers. In addition, this candidate will have excellent follow-through and follow-up on details. This person will uphold, embody and enforce the policies and values Bellevue School District while “living out” our vision to “bring Jesus healing, build community, transform lives.”  

– Federal and State Background Check.   
– Must be 18 years or older.  
– Minimum HS diploma or GED equivalent.  College degree and advanced degree preferred.  
– Possess a heart to serve and to love those most difficult to love, unconditionally.  
– Minimum of 3 years’ experience working with youth.  

Required Traits: 
– Respect and integrity.
– Strength of presence and patience.
– Serve with humility, compassion and social/emotional intelligence.
– Independent & self-disciplined.
– Flexible - adaptable to change.
– Time management.
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

Areas of Oversight and Quality Execution:  
– Before, During and After-school services and activities including, but not limited to sports, clubs, and enrichment activities.
– Leadership Management of all on-site Jubilee REACH staff and volunteers.
– Coordinate, orient, organize, and administer all churches, support organizations, agencies and other collaborative partners desiring to serve and support.
– Coordinate, care for and serve volunteers.
– Work with school administrators to take attendance and account for every student on a daily basis to include one on one Check and Connect sessions with opportunity students.
– Coordinate with Family Liaison to serve the needs of families including but not limited to adult classes on-site such as ESL, GED, computers, and to provide a hand up for special needs and services. 

Reports to:  
– Area Director  

– Students, volunteers, and on-site Jubilee REACH staff.

Performance Responsibilities:  
– Build and honor trusting and relationships with students, families, and school staff.
– Adapt, evolve and implement successful enrichment activities within the Bellevue School District. 
– Use sports and other activities within schools to build community and teach life skills to youth.
– Understand school needs and follow through – i.e. lunch supervision, classroom support, etc.  
– Meet regularly with Principals and designated administrators.  
– Identify the deeper, root causes of conflict to support individual needs.  
– Cultivate relationships to build community within the school. 
– Serve as a conduit for all church and outside service organizations.  
– Attend all Jubilee and BSD training classes, activities and meetings.  
– Evaluate student achievements through data entry and analysis.