The mission of Jubilee REACH is to bring healing, build community, and transform the lives of the students and their families in Bellevue. We believe every child has the desire to be loved, known, affirmed and belong to something greater than self.

Our service in the Bellevue schools provides students with a trusted ally and creates an inclusive community among students. Jubilee REACH steps in the gap for those in need, providing access to programs and services focused on growing community and empowering our youth. These services include ESL classes, financial assistance, home furnishings from the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store and furniture bank, and mobile dental clinics.

Four Pillars of Jubilee REACH

Our Four Pillars synergistically enable us to serve and love in and around our public schools. Making this all work
are our amazing volunteers, who join us in the schools, at the Jubilee REACH Center, the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store, and at Community Building Events. 

Public Schools

Our partnership with the Bellevue School District allows our staff, called Site Coaches, to build relationship and community before, during and after school.

Jubilee REACH

Serving as a hub for hospitality, our center offers various services from ESL classes to medical, dental and legal care, and so on.


Jubilee REACH
Thrift Store

Quality goods and hospitable shopping experience, our thrift store restores lives and empower families in need to lead healthy lives. 

Community Building

Events such as Service Day, Festival of Trees and the ATTYs brings people from different areas together to celebrate as One Bellevue.

Help Us Build a Better Bellevue

The foundation of Jubilee REACH is the volunteers who make our services possible.


Join Us

We are dedicated and committed to bringing together all of Bellevue.


Make an Impact

You generosity goes a long way in helping transform our community.