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If you would like to attend the ATTYs, please talk to your Site Coach.

What are the ATTYs?

June 8th 2018
Tyee Middle School
5:00pm to 7:30pm

The ATTYs bring together all seven Bellevue School District Middle Schools and more than 600 students, coaches, volunteers, parents, and School District staff for a fun-filled celebration and award ceremony of competition, community, and character building. The ATTYs affirm that each student is a part of something greater than self and belong. Over 1,200 students from every ethnic, socioeconomic background and ability, participate in Jubilee REACH activities each school year. With participation, we see substantial growth in academic achievement, improved attendance, and self-confidence.

This year’s activities will consist of: Surprise Guests from the Seahawks and other local sports organizations, DJ Rowzroyce, Dinner by El Gaucho, Games, Prizes, Red Carpet Experience, and Photo Booth.


Join our Team!

The ATTYs is an excellent opportunity to engage and invest in our Bellevue, middle school students and is only possible with the support and help of our community. We are currently looking for people to join our team in the following ways:

- Guest speakers that are involved in sports or activities and can give a short, inspirational message
- Partners that can donate or various in-kind prizes to give to the kids the day of the event
- Volunteers that can help run the activities and various needs the day of the event

Questions or Interests? 
Contact: Ashley Page, Event Manager at or 425.476.0506 ext: 3841

Thank you to our 2017 sponsor


Thank you to all that attended the 2017 ATTYs!