What is Jubilee Service Day?

Jubilee Service Day is an annual event in August which brings together people in the eastside community to serve at local public schools and homes.  Started in 2005 with one church serving at one school, this day has grown to involve over 3,000 volunteers, 22 schools and at least 25 homes in 2019.

Volunteers come from all over the community, primarily from local churches, organizations, businesses and people already partnering with Jubilee REACH.


Areas of Service


  • Homeowners in need of help are identified through a partnership with the city of Bellevue.

  • Volunteer leaders meet homeowners in advance to learn a bit of their personal story and assess the level of need.

  • Service Day volunteers then complete significant yard work or paint the outside of the home.

  • Work crews range in size from 15-30 and projects are completed in either half day or full day blocks.

  • The number of homes served is based solely on the number of volunteers.


  • Teachers and staff of 22 local public schools register to receive volunteers to assist them in preparing the school and classrooms for the next school year.

  • Volunteers do such things as: curriculum assembly, classroom organizing, arranging bookshelves, general cleaning, decorating, hanging things on walls, closet/cupboard organizing, and more.

  • The goal is to get things on their “to-do” lists crossed off, so they can spend more time preparing for the students.


  • Each year, “chair pockets” are created to distribute to local elementary classrooms.

  • These helpful organizers are made of upholstery fabric and slide over the back of a student’s chair, with a pocket in the back to hold books.

  • In the Sherwood Forest Elementary gynmasium, some volunteers cut fabric, serge and sew.

  • Other volunteers organize and sort the finished units, preparing sets to be taken to classrooms the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Children Participate? Yes, children of all ages are welcomed to serve, as long as their parents deem the old enough and/or mature enough to serve.  Ages 12 and younger must be with a parent or adult. 

Is Childcare Provided? No, childcare is no provided at any location. 

Is There Work For Seniors Or Those With Limited Mobility? Yes, at the school locations, there are many opportunities to serve which involve lighter-duty and sitting down.  You are able to make such a request on your registration.