Jubilee Service Day: School Sign Up Form for CLYDE HILL

Are you a teacher or school staff member at Clyde Hill who would like to
have volunteers work with you on the August 30, 2019 Jubilee Service Day for 8am to 12pm?  
If so, please fill out this form to complete the sign up process. You will be contacted by your school’s service day coordinator.

Best Summer Phone Number
Best Summer Phone Number
What do you need help with? If you are seeking assistance with anything which might be considered “facilities work”, please schedule this through your principal separately. *
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Teachers and school staff are required to be present on the service day to oversee the volunteers in your classroom or location. Please check this box to confirm your agreement and understanding. *

NOTE: A copy of this sign up form will be emailed to you, the school Principal and the Service Day Coordinator for your school.