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Something Special Happening at Odle

A few months ago, Nidia was working as a receptionist at a pet groomer, enjoying her work but not thriving. While sustaining a full time schedule, she found herself with free time during the week, and wanted to use it to give back to the community. 

Odle Middle School has many students in need of mentors and positive adult role models. 

Nidia was introduced to Jubilee REACH at Odle, and quickly realized it was a perfect fit. Nidia arrived at Odle and immediately made an impact.

At Odle Nidia met Gabby, a student worried about her grades. At the time, Gabby was struggling with her academics. Nidia was able to break down any initial barriers by being open about her middle school experiences and her struggles when she was the same age.

The impact was seen immediately and was reflected in Gabby’s grades. Gabby’s social studies grade jumped from 42.45% to 89.76% with Nidia's help and encouragement.

Nidia continues to provide not only an academic help, but also a mentor for life situations and an advisor in times of need. The duo continue to achieve success and growth in all their endeavors as they work together as mentor and mentee. 

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