Jubilee Service Day Spreads Impact Around Bellevue

It's been one month since Jubilee Service Day 2015, and the stories of impact are still pouring in!

YOU served selflessly, building community with us at 19 Bellevue School District schools by helping teachers prepare for the year and making our campuses welcoming for students. 

YOU also made an impact for your neighbors, serving at 15 homes in our community badly in need of some TLC. 

Check out some of the awesome stories from Jubilee Service Day here, and share your own with us on Facebook
"What an amazing community of caring and hard-working people! We are so fortunate to have this wonderful partnership and appreciate all you do. Walking through the building on Saturday morning was amazing – it was like Santa’s Workshop!
Thank you for modeling how people can be so out-going! There really are not enough words to express my gratitude." Susan – Lake Hills Elementary
“Just wanted to follow up and say thank you again for coordinating Jubilee Service Day for those of us who work at Ardmore Elementary.  

My book room crew provided invaluable service and completed work in several hours that would have taken me all year to complete.  

Jubilee Reach is a marvelous organization and is doing a wonderful service for our schools.” - Ardmore Elementary Teacher

Already ready for next year? Take a look back, and get ready for next year's Jubilee Service Day!