Serving Breakfast by Wendy Cummings, Jubilee REACH Volunteer

Serving breakfast at Jubilee REACH is the sunny side up in my world.  From the time walk through those doors and give Barb, Hospitality Manager, a morning hug until the time I need to leave and hear twenty children sing thank you – it’s a heart motivating hour and a half I wouldn’t trade for anything – not even an extra hour of sleep. 

When I was invited to serve at Jubilee REACH Breakfast for the first time a couple of years ago, I was excited.  What I came away with was more than I could possibly even give.  And here’s why.

I am always an early bird, so arriving at the center at 6:15am is no major obstacle for me.  At first, I followed the leader’s menu plan, but then I became creative!  That was really fun!  We transformed strawberries into Christmas candy canes one year, and soon I was searching the intranet for nutritious and appealing children’s breakfast recipes.  My favorite one to make is cinnamon French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage links, Greek yogurt, apple juice and fresh fruit.  That’s a big hit! 

The Jubilee REACH kitchen is well equipped with everything except for the main ingredients we need to bring in.  The dishwasher is amazing because it can wash dishes in just a couple of minutes!  It made cooking and cleaning a breeze.

What I found most rewarding though is meeting the children who are not only appreciative (always saying please and thank you), but whose smiles and morning joy are felt as the Jubilee REACH staff welcome and usher them in the room, making them feel at ease.

My fondest memories I come away with is the feedback from the children.  For example, one child said he only loves the sausage links he gets at Jubilee REACH.  One year I thought the same child had been in the line four times until I realized he had a twin identical brother.  Greek Yogurt became breakfast vanilla Ice cream.  And their prayer time before eating captures my heart.