Rocketing Through Summer

It was the last day of Summer School enrichment. Kids clamored around the launch pad awaiting the countdown, joined by Jubilee REACH Site Coaches, volunteers, and parents.  Two rockets, constructed by the Summer School STEM Team, led by four Interlake High School volunteers, were about to be blasted into the sky above the Lake Hills Elementary playfield. 

Jubilee REACH Site Coach and Launch Commander, Josh Andrews called for the countdown.  A chorus of voices enthusiastically responded, 10, 9, 8….swoooosh!  All heads bent skyward into the summer sun, “Wow!”  Oh cool!”  Then cheers and high fives!

It was a joyous celebration of a summer of learning, fun, and friendships, concluded with a rocket launch into a new school year.  Jubilee REACH Site Coaches were privileged to serve alongside our partner, the Bellevue School District, throughout Summer School helping in classrooms, serving at lunch, coaching games during recess and caring for kids on field trips. 

Summer School was supplemented with Summer Enrichment Camp.  Jubilee REACH Site Coaches, through talented teams of passionate volunteers, inspired character, competence and a sense of belonging in kids through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Teams, Art Clubs and Sports competition.  A special community building project was led by Clark Roberts and his guide dog Arly.  Since losing his sight, Clark has devoted his life experience to inspire kids to see in new ways.  Clark engaged kids in exercises to celebrate their differences, reach beyond their limitations, to embrace challenges and adversity to live a full and joyous life.

The Jubilee REACH Center served as an active hub center for community and hospitality throughout the summer hosting community partner events and activities such as:

·  Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra Summer Camp shares our mission for every child to belong and become part of something greater than self…a part of a symphony orchestra!

·  Cancer Pathways conducted a camp and built a caring community for kids impacted by cancer in their families

·  AFG Al-Anon Family Group coached a camp to inspire hope, strength, and skills for families and friends living with a family member afflicted with alcoholism and drugs.

· The PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) created caring community support groups for mothers and families on the margins by building thriving neighborhood networks of parent groups.

· Essential Church’s network of interns ran sports camps, repaired homes in our community and conducted Vacation Bible Camps.

· And more…from International ESL TalkTime groups, MTI Dental Van cares for families without options,  to community luncheons and Community Care Support for families in need throughout our community.

And…there is one last opportunity for YOU to join our volunteer service team this Summer!  Register for the Jubilee Service Day and love our schools by helping our teachers prepare their classrooms for the new school year.  Or love our neighbors in need by helping paint houses or doing yard work.   

That is how Jubilee REACH rocketed through Summer and YOU made it all happen!

We are grateful for each of you!