Making Music, Building Trust

“I probably would not have graduated from college if I was not involved in music,” Bellevue Police Officer Craig Hanaumi shared.   “But it took an adult to encourage me and to tell me it was ‘okay’ to be in a band.”  Officer Craig now encourages kids to stay involved with music like he did, like 5th grader Asili, as they play their ukuleles together at Stevenson Elementary every week. 

The Club Jubilee Ukulele Band at Stevenson was inspired by another caring adult.  Jan Kojima came to Jubilee REACH with a passion, “I wanted to raise money to start a Ukulele Club in a diverse elementary school.”  Within weeks, more passionate adults invested enough money for Jan to purchase six ukuleles, cases, tuners and sheet music.  And the After School Ukulele Club at Stevenson was born.  

Jubilee Site Coach, Josh, “coaches” the Ukulele Band of grade-schoolers who faithfully show up and make music together.  “The kids are building relationships, confidence and trust in one another,” reports Coach Josh, “and there are many coaching moments as we process their school day while we play.”

Getting good at making music takes time, just like relationships.  “Music taught me patience, perseverance, goal setting and teamwork,” says Officer Craig.  “I also learned the power of relationships and trust.”  He shared that Bellevue Police Chief Mylett refers to the work his Police Officers do, building relationships and establishing rapport, as making deposits into the community Trust Bank Account.  Officer Craig confesses “it’s the best form of crime prevention.”     

Asili has developed into a leader in his school.  He has learned to overcome challenges, resolve conflicts and make good choices that have positively impacted his performance in school.  Last month, Asili was awarded Student of the Month.  ATTAWAY Asili! 

We are grateful to all of you for helping us Make Music and Build Trust in our schools and community!