Culture of Caring

“Our team just wanted to get involved.”  That is what inspired Anne Rosnow and Stephanie Chen of Wells Fargo Bellevue Regional Commercial Banking to call Jubilee REACH Hospitality Manager, Barb Blomstrand.  “When we learned that Barb leads teams that produce over 62,000 meals and snacks per year out of her little Jubilee pantry and her big need was for more before and after schools snacks for kids, our mission was set,” Anne said.
Anne’s Wells Fargo Team worked together to collect approximately $500 in goods and gift cards to “nourish the souls” of kids and replenish Barb’s “snack pantry.”  Anne shared that the fun part was experiencing the joy of their team of 17 working together to serve and invest in our local community. Through serving, she said that her team learned a lot about the diverse needs of our schools and community. The fun part for all of us at Jubilee REACH was the hugs as we all shared stories and built the deeper relationship.  We even learned that Stephanie’s children had participated in Jubilee REACH's Athletics and Activities soccer and basketball program in middle school and loved the experience of being part of an active team.
We are grateful for Wells Fargo’s growing partnership with Jubilee REACH.  Their Residential Banking Division, led by Lynne Garton, sponsored a table at the Festival of Trees.  Anne, Lynne and Stephanie reported the joy they experienced, working together “to serve and support meaningful causes that impact lives locally.”  They say “it’s part of the joy they experience in ‘living out’ Wells Fargo’s Vision and Values to instill a ‘Culture of Caring’ within their organization.  It gives greater purpose and meaning to our daily work.” 
Thank you Anne, Lynne, Stephanie and Wells Fargo, you inspire our daily work at Jubilee REACH as well!  We could not do this without you and our wonderful partners and investors.   We are grateful for you and Wells Fargo's Culture of Caring, to help us build a caring community!