A Heartfelt Story about Doris

Thank YOU for being part of the Jubilee REACH Family.  Together, we are living out our call to “Love our neighbor.”  Here’s a recent story of how you are helping transform hearts and lives of our neighbors:

“She was quiet, humble.  I could tell she was hurting,” Doris recounted after first meeting Martha in November of 2015.  Doris provides Community Care at the Jubilee REACH Center and Martha had been referred by our partner, the Bellevue School District.  “Her simple request was for warm clothing for her two children who were attending school, and for a bus pass.” Doris provided Martha with vouchers for the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store.  She then alerted the Thrift Store, so they could welcome Martha with the care and respect of a VIP.  

“My heart just ached for her,” Doris recalled as she reflected the time spent together during that first visit to “love, listen and learn” more about Martha.  A 41-year-old single, disabled mother of two teenagers in the Bellevue School District, she had suffered domestic abuse.  Now homeless, all three of them stayed in a temporary shelter at night.  Once she got the kids to school, she was on the streets.  The bus tickets were to help her get to places to apply for jobs.      

“Martha’s face and her story just stuck with me,” said Doris, as time passed since her first visit to the Center.  It was not until almost a year later, in September 2016, that Martha returned.  Her need was for warm clothing again in anticipation of fall and winter and for the kids to start school with fresh clothes.  “This time we had a bit of a relationship. So when Martha smiled softly, almost reluctantly, as we talked, I noted her bad teeth.  I struggled whether to say anything.  But I knew we had partners who could help.”  It just took a nod from Martha.  Doris connected with Dr. Jeff Parrish who had given her “free passes for early-bird medical and dental treatment” at Key Arena Health Fare the next month.  Doris helped Martha make the arrangements and gave her a gas card so a friend could take her there and back.   Martha received badly needed care; fillings, extractions, and partials.  You should see Martha’s big smile, and confidence, now!

Oh, and the rest of the story?  Just this week, Martha came in to visit.  She and her two teenagers are now in an apartment.  She needed beds, furniture, and some household essentials. The Jubilee REACH Thrift Store team responded again.   Martha and her children are safe, warm, loved and grateful.  We are also staying alongside Martha's kids during school through our Site Coaches, who strive each day to provide a hand up, transforming lives and futures of kids and their families.

Thank YOU for being part of the Jubilee REACH family!  Thank YOU for your donations that sustain and inspire our call to “love our neighbor.”

Happy Valentine’s Day…From our hearts to yours.