Halloween, Partnership with National Charity League

Partnership is one of the things that makes Jubilee REACH go. 

Our partners from Bellevue School District support us each day. Local grocers support of food program with donations each week. Other organizations in Bellevue like Youth Eastside Services work with us to train staff and provide a safety net for students in need. 

But our liveliest partners, and some of the most spirited, come from National Charity League's Emerald City Chapter

This group of mothers and daughters from Bellevue join us several times per year to host events for our AM/PM students from Lake Hills Elementary. This time, they celebrated Halloween with a costume party, awesome games and plenty of dancing! 

For mothers and daughters, it's a chance to serve together, build community and give back to students in need. Our students benefit from the positive coaching of the women and young ladies from National Charity League, and have a great time in the process!

A HUGE Thank You to National Charity League - Emerald City Chapter, for serving alongside, 

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