Sportsmanship on Display at Tyee

Jubilee REACH Athletics bring our emphasis on service and community directly to students in Bellevue School District. At Tyee Middle School, Site Coaches Ed and Skye, along with their team of volunteers, are seeing that emphasis make an impact. 

"Sportsmanship is one of the main values we try to emphasize on our teams," Site Coach Ed said. "Before every practice and game, we go over a value and life lesson and try to tie them in to the sport or activity we are participating in. Respect and treating others as you’d like to be treated are emphasized constantly."

The emphasis on the Jubilee REACH Athletics Gold Standards is paying off - building community in and around schools. 

When Tyee scored its second goal of the game in a recent match up with Tillicum, one Thunderbird player didn't start celebrating with his own team. Instead, he made his way to the Tillicum goal keeper, who was still laid out on the turf after attempting the save, helping him up and offering encouragement. 

"At the end of the day, it’s up to the kids to show their character in their actions," Site Coach Ed said. "You just hope that some of the words or behavior you demonstrate resonated with them."

Everything our Site Coaches, volunteers and students are doing at Tyee is resonating, in a huge way!

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