What We Do

Bellevue's needs are evolving rapidly, and Jubilee REACH continues to meet them by focusing on our core values, also known as our R.E.A.C.H.


How We Do It

LOVE students and families.

Jubilee REACH engaged 2,600+ students during the 2016-17 school year in over 20 before, during, and after-school sports and clubs. We are now serving 14 schools within Bellevue School District and launching college and career readiness support at Sammamish High School.

LISTEN to the deeper needs in the community.

A total of 814 volunteers served 18,401 hours with Jubilee REACH this past year, meeting the needs of our community where they are presented with compassionately delivered service. The impact of Jubilee REACH volunteers was felt on Jubilee Service Day, when 3,043 individuals built community by beautifying our schools and serving at local homes in need of repair.


LEARN from those we serve.

Jubilee REACH partners with local businesses, churches, the Bellevue School District and area nonprofits to step in the gap for those in need.