Bellevue Public Schools

83% of the people living in Bellevue are touched through our public school system. Our partnership with the Bellevue School District allows our staff, called Site Coaches, to work before, during, and after school within 13 schools. Through clubs, activities, sports, and tutoring, their relational presence builds trust and creates a sense of belonging with students, resulting in positive futures for students and their families.

Jubilee REACH Clubs, Activities, Sports, and Tutoring

Please check back soon for list of all schools.

Registration for Students

Please make sure that you have registered your child(ren) for ALL Jubilee REACH clubs, activities, and sports.

Starting 2019-2020 school year, Middle School registration will need to be completed through Final Forms. For more information about Final Forms please click here.

Elementary School registration will still on Stacks Sports.

See below for registration links.

Registration Links

Middle School (Final Forms) →

Elementary School (Stacks Sports) →

If you have any further questions about Middle School registration please email the coach
of your student’s school: