10 Years of Jubilee REACH

By Loving, Listening and Learning, Jubilee REACH has been transforming lives and communities for 10 years. Using a timeline to recall a highlight or two per year, we look back over the past decade..



Building Renovation… Jubilee REACH purchased the building in January and immediately a host of volunteers began renovations to prepare for opening services to the community. 

2006  Before School.jpg

Doors Opened to Serve Students… When September came, Jubilee REACH opened at 6:00 AM to receive Lake Hills Elementary students before school. When they came back in the afternoon, our after school activities began... This has continued every year and still continues today.


ESL Classes… A passionate volunteer said, “Many of these children are from immigrant families and the parents don’t speak English. Let’s teach ESL.”


Completion of the 1st Season… By the close of the 2006 - 2007 school year, the activities of Jubilee REACH multiplied into more than a dozen community services.  


KidREACH at Jubilee REACH… Wonderful adult volunteers from BelPres Church established this tutoring service, meeting one-on-one with students, twice weekly throughout the school year. 


Community Garden… We had the space and someone said, “Let’s build some raised beds and invite local families to put in a garden.” Volunteers came and very soon a garden sprang out of the ground.  


Jubilee REACH Thrift Store… Some warm-hearted, sharp-thinking Jubilee REACH advocates came up with a way to gather donated goods and provide meaningful jobs to others needing employment – open a thrift store!


Convening Pastors for Fellowship and Prayer… Church leaders have backed Jubilee REACH from day one. We host a monthly meeting of pastors who gather for supportive fellowship and prayer.


Highland Middle School… The city youth services and Bellevue School District called on Jubilee REACH to provide after-school activities and services at Highland Middle School.

2010 Medical.jpg

Clinics… Dental, medical and vision services were not readily available to many families. In partnership with other agencies, Jubilee REACH brought these services to our community.


All Bellevue Middle Schools… Using the powerful platform of sports, Jubilee REACH brought campus Site Coaches and interscholastic competition in several sports to all of the Bellevue public middle schools. 


Art Club… One passionate volunteer helped students express themselves artistically – soon a club formed and lives were transformed by the experience. 


International Lunch… Following ESL classes, our students prepare an ethnic lunch for one another! A different group of students prepare lunch each week. 


Events for Kids… Childhood is celebrated at Jubilee REACH. Every season and holiday is a good reason to have fun with children.


Community Health and Safety Fair… Collaborating with 14 partner agencies, Jubilee REACH brings health services and education to the neighborhood. 


Food and Community… Wherever two or three are gathered there is FOOD. Whether snacks after school or dinner on Family Nights, the kitchen is always open at Jubilee REACH.


STEM at Club Jubilee… Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) has a place in Jubilee REACH.


1st Annual Festival of Trees… Jubilee REACH launched the Christmas season and turned out hundreds of generous guests for Bellevue’s Premiere Holiday Gala!


2014 Volunteers 02.jpg

Jubilee REACH Volunteers… Everything at Jubilee REACH depends on dedicated volunteers. In the 2014-15 school year 935 volunteers served 21,255 hours meeting the needs of our community through compassionately delivered service. 


Jubilee Service Day… The impact of Jubilee REACH volunteers was felt city-wide when 2,250 individuals beautified our schools and served local homes in need of repair. 


Welcome 2016 - our 10th anniversary! Get involved and be a part of creating the future for Jubilee REACH and the students and families of Bellevue...