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Jubilee REACH's Heart and Home Thrift Store is one more way Jubilee is able to engage the community in building interdependent, sustainable and productive life paths. To increase the capacity of Jubilee REACH to serve the needs of the community, we have developed a capacity-building retail enterprise called the Jubilee REACH Heart & Home Thrift Store.

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A Story of Hope

Kenny was just 22 years old, homeless, and without hope. He admitted to making some bad decisions that got him there. He pleaded for a job, just an opportunity to prove himself. “Show up tomorrow at 9,” Assistant Manager, Jason, told him. “We don’t have a position, but you can volunteer in the stock room."

Kenny showed up the next day, and kept showing up day after day. Jason arranged for Jubilee REACH to provide for some of Kenny’s essential needs to get him started, what we call a hand up, not a hand out. Soon, Kenny earned a position. That was just over two years ago. 

“Loving Kenny wasn’t always easy,” Jason, himself a former felon, remembers. “But I remember the grace shown to me which compels me to extend grace to others.”

Jason held Kenny accountable. He called it truth and love. During this time, Kenny learned how to receive, process and price merchandise. He showed a natural knack for electronics. But more, Kenny learned how to become a responsible and accountable contributor to society. 

During 2011 Christmas season, Kenny learned that Nintendo was hiring. He asked Jason and Store Manager, Susan for their blessing to pursue this position. Kenny applied, and was not only hired by Nintendo, but he was 1 out of 2 of 200 who were asked to stay on into the New Year. He now works full time in their IT Department and has received two bonuses for his performance. The seed of hope was planted in the heart of a young man and transformation took root.”

Support Others Like Kenny

When you donate clothing and household goods to Heart & Home Thrift Store, you are inspiring hope in the hearts of many like Kenny with job opportunities, relationships and hope.  That’s why we call the thrift store a “community and capacity building, missional business enterprise.”  Please consider investing in hope for your neighbors by getting involved in ways that will make an impact in their lives.

All funds from the store go directly to families living on the margins, who benefit from the programs at Jubilee REACH.

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